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l’esperienza tristellata nel Ristorante
dello Chef Cannavacciuolo.
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Villa Crespi honored for best dining service experience by Gambero Rosso 2023

A precious award for our 3 Stars Michelin restaurant

A great pride for our Relais et Chateaux – the Gambero Rosso 2023 Italian Restaurant Guide awarded us Best Dining Service Experience.

Different voices can describe the dining room of a Michelin-starred restaurant: there is that of the guest, who savors the masterfully staged show, and there is that of the dining room itself, full of people, exact rhythms, and dance steps carved in memory.

And this is the very voice that today shares with us Villa Crespi’s recognition for winning the Premio Speciale al Miglior Servizio di Sala 2023 for Best Dining Room Experience by Gambero Rosso. Our Michelin 3-Star Restaurant, designed by Chef Cannavacciuolo, opens wide its doors to this incredibly coveted honor in the Italian restaurant industry, which celebrates the precision, care and perfection of its dining service, and not only.

The 2023 Italian Restaurant Guide award commends the harmonious and impeccable work of a special team directed by Restaurant Manager Massimo Raugi. He paints the room as a place where protocols and dances, together with passion, culture and beauty. These distinct elements provide guests with an experience that is timeless and enchanting.

To receive the award for Miglior Servizio di Sala 2023 means to look with pride at each and every member of our staff. The timing of their movements and silent looks of understanding make it possible to raise the curtain at just the right moment.

And it excites us to think there are still so many talented people who will cross the threshold of Villa Crespi, bringing us and our guests even more delight.