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Hygiene and eco sustainability

How Villa Crespi sanitizes its Rooms and Kitchen

As always, we take care of the hygiene and care of our Maison with state-of-the-art products and methods. Learn more.

We know that nowadays, more than ever before, hygiene and cleanliness are essential for the well-being of our customers. This is why we only use products and methods able to clean rooms, common areas, bedding and upholstery capable of eliminating external agents harmful to our health. 

How do we guarantee clean rooms and common areas?

The rooms at Villa Crespi use an active purification system 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This technology – called PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) – was developed by Nasa for the disinfection of areas destined for aerospace missions. In short, PCO imitates and reproduces what happens in nature through photocatalysis, a process replicating the reaction between solar radiation (UV-C) and certain elements (generally metals) to reduce airborne contaminants, by transforming the relative humidity of the air (H20) into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). For years now we have been using Bio Allergy Free filters in rooms and now they’ll also be used in public areas. These products are able to eliminate mites, dust, bacteria and viruses present in the air and on the surfaces of the entire Maison. In particular, all rooms are equipped with TTS, or rather Thermodynamic Sterilising System. This is an innovative technology to purify the air through a natural and effective heat treatment aimed at destroying external agents such as: mite and pet allergens; moulds; bacteria; viruses; pollen; ozone and chemical contaminants. Our rooms are supplied with air which has been 99.99% purified of all these elements harmful to our well-being. Cleaning in rooms and common areas is exclusively carried out with a 160°C steam cleaning system. In fact we use a special water aspirator designed to remove dust and filter the air we breathe in; this considerably reduces allergic symptoms and eliminates micro-dusts down to 0.8 µ. But that’s not all; for healthier surroundings, we have also adopted sophisticated ozone-conversion disinfecting technology for both rooms and common areas. This is because ozone is one of the most potent oxidants in nature and the most effective in terms of bactericidal and virucidal capability. It can destroy algae, fungi, pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, and other harmful external agents to human health. Thanks to direct oxidation, the ozone alters, causing all macromolecular structures of both microbial and non-microbial cells to become inactive.

The importance of taking care of the bedding and upholstery

Proper cleaning of rooms also requires appropriate bedding, bedding, and upholstery. All our mattresses and pillows are covered with certified anti-mite AFH covers. Allergy Free hotels® is in fact a certification protocol for ambient sanitation in accordance with international consensus guidelines for the management of indoor respiratory allergy prevention. We use specific pillowcases, mattress covers, duvets, and cushion covers for the beds in all our rooms. Made with technologically advanced materials, they are capable of creating an anti-mite protection barrier preventing allergens from penetrating the air, thereby guaranteeing ideal comfort. Mites and bacteria are eliminated from the room, especially in the sleeping area. Guaranteeing not only the psychological but also the physical well-being of our guests is our absolute priority. Now more than ever are we committed.

Keeping the kitchens clean

The kitchen is the heart of Villa Crespi. After all, it is within these walls where the magic happens. This is why we only use products and methods which guarantee the best hygiene and air quality possible. Such as ThreeAir products, which can kill bacterial counts and neutralize any viruses, avoiding the risk of microbial infection. For Villa Crespi, hygiene is not just about removing dirt from surfaces. It is about the complete elimination of germs and bacteria present on all surfaces.

How do we clean the air in our kitchens?

The purification of the air in kitchens and dining rooms is done by RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) technology, and specially with ThreeAir products. This system uses the same oxidation and ionization as occurs in nature with sunlight, thanks to the use of ultraviolet light which reduces germs. But that’s not all; beneficial oxidants are also proactively emitted to disinfect all surfaces and purify the air in a room. Obviously we don’t cook in the open air, but in a certain sense this is what we’re trying for. After only 24 hours, thanks to ThreeAir products, our kitchens are 99.9% free from fungi, mold, bacteria and viruses. This technology purifies the air in Villa Crespi’s kitchens by eliminating: dangerous airborne particles; concentrations of fine VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) particles not able to be eliminated by high quality HEPA filters; unpleasant odors. The technology has been tested by prestigious independent fine dust research institutes and is well-proven daily throughout the world. So why are we doing all this? Because breathing healthier air is fundamental for guaranteeing the psychological well-being of our guests and employees and, above all, safeguarding their health, which is, and remains, our primary concern. We have always worked in this direction – towards maximum protection and comfort within the surrounding of Villa Crespi. Our guests already accustomed to the discreet and spacious areas of our common rooms, the refreshing abundance of our garden, and the maximum privacy of our floors and rooms; nothing will change. All the authenticity and secured comfort of the Villa Crespi experience have been preserved; the disinfecting and health protection systems in Villa Crespi work with discretion and utmost silence. Your well-being is our priority.