In Villa Crespi puoi scegliere
tra il comfort delle nostre Suite e
l’esperienza tristellata nel Ristorante
dello Chef Cannavacciuolo.
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piatto 3 stelle michelin di villa crespi

Villa Crespi is among the elite of the world’s best restaurants – awarded third Michelin star

Villa Crespi is now among the 139 best restaurants in the world

8 November 2022, a date that will forever be etched in the heart of Villa Crespi, as it throbs a little faster today It speeds up as the world stands still, eyes turned toward that arabesque residence we call home.
After 23 years of excellence, Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo sees his third star added to the others, long hoped for and well deserved. Alongside him are Executive Chef Simone Corbo and Restaurant Manager Massimo Raugi.
This is where it all began, with the people who have made it possible to reach this world-class achievement. A cohesive and passionate team, Chef Cannavacciuolo and Cinzia Primatesta choose and have chosen every day because, in them, they see a special gift.
After all, making each guest feel at home, and sharing emotions through the dishes, accompanied by smiles and meticulous care, are actions immersed in pure art.

To you, who are part of this family.
To you, who have been our guest at Villa Crespi.
To you, who dream of sitting at one of those tables for the first time.

Thank you for living this dream with us.