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l’esperienza tristellata nel Ristorante
dello Chef Cannavacciuolo.
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Walk through the rooms at Villa Crespi

Story of a stay at Villa Crespi

Fourteen rooms from a Thousand and One Nights and 14 Arabian princesses. Let’s take you inside the rooms at Villa Crespi … gold-hued drapery, furnishing and stunning parquet floors.

Fourteen princesses

Photo credits: Stefano Butturini

The rooms of Villa Crespiquiet and regal, hidden within the princely walls of our Lake Orta villa, have very unique and diverse souls. Rania and Sheherazade glorify their imperial red tapestry, providing guests with moments of intimate romance.

Amira and Nur, our golden Premium Suites, radiate the homey warmth of a cozy refuge to return to with their reading nook and plush four-poster bed. Jamila and Zeina, our Executive Suites overlook the shores of Lake Orta and evoke contemplation. Snuggling in one of the armchairs next to the windows is the perfect moment to indulge in thoughtful meditation and thoughtful reflection. Peaceful in character are Leila and Samar, upholstered in royal blue silk. Your entire body will experience a sense of calm, and your heart will beat with gentle ease.

Aidha and Isdihar, two Deluxe Rooms with exquisite parquet floors and elegant marble bathrooms, will delight you with their grandeur. And finally, the four jewels are found at the Villa’s highest point. Our four Classic Rooms have soft blush shades and old-world flair and are complete with crenelated terraces overlooking the spectacular lake: Aisha, Muna, Najaa and Yasmin.

The hidden details of the rooms at Villa Crespi

Photo credits: Stefano Butturini

Learning about the rooms at Villa Crespi, as described by someone else who has experienced them, is not the same as actually staying there. Walking barefoot on the beautiful parquet floors is a sensation not easy to explain. It’s a bit like stepping into the tales of noble knights, poets, rulers, and connoisseurs of refined style and elegance who left their own footsteps in this Villa over the 20th century.

The fine silk walls and soft draperies look like something out of “A Thousand and One Nights,” as do the arabesque arches that separate the spaces inside the rooms.

There is an air of Moorish architecture in every intimate detail of the entire structure, just as it was intended by its patron Cristoforo Benigno Crespi.. Inlaid doors and windows, ceilings with starry skies, and mosaic floors … magic is in every corner.

Waking up at Villa Crespi

Photo credits: Francesca Pagliai

As we wait to welcome you to our stunning rooms at Villa Crespi, we want to share our guests’ everyday morning experience. Imagine opening your eyes and finding yourself in a princely four-poster bed.

You’ll head to the window and pull back exquisitely sewn curtains to be immediately captivated by the beautiful view of the Lake or of the vast garden home to our vegetable garden and our bee hives.

Breakfast is soon served. On request, you can savor the gourmet specialties of our Michelin 2-star kitchen from the comfort of your sitting room or on your crenelated terrace if you’re on the top floor. Read through your favorite newspaper while sipping coffee and relish some of Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s small pastries. Soak up this dream, especially if you are with the one you love.