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25 years of Villa Crespi

Making history with heart and soul

Villa Crespi celebrates its 25th anniversary, amidst immense achievements and timeless excellence

How it all began

Speaking of 25 years of history is both flattering and impressive: we know for sure that everything that has happened during this time is the result of actions taken and irreversible choices, but also of coincidences and destined souls. The Villa Crespi we know today was born from the intertwining of two stories, those of Cinzia Primatesta and Antonino Cannavacciuolo. Miles apart for most of their lives, their destinies crossed for the first time in a telephone call, although they were unaware of it. Oreste Primatesta, Cinzia’s father, receives a colleague’s advice to hire a young, talented and inspiring Neapolitan chef for his hotel on Lake Orta. The girl, barely twenty, is in the car next to her father at the time of this call, and it’s at this very moment that the car turns and passes in front of an immense 19th-century palace with arabesque shapes. Cinzia looks at Villa Crespi and hears Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s name for the first time. The rest is the beginning of our story.

It takes courage

Although fortuitous events and twists of fate crossed their paths, it was the courage of Cinzia Primatesta and Antonino Cannavacciuolo that wrote the true story of Villa Crespi, the one we can read today. How frightening can such a big adventure be when you are barely 20 years old? Yet here we are after 25 years telling of unimaginable goals, first and foremost the recognition of the third star in the 2023 Michelin Guide. Excellence starts in the kitchen, where Chef Cannavacciuolo creates a philosophy all his own, one that divulges sincerity and speaks of simple ingredients, but which – when brilliantly combined – can create masterpieces that stand out from the ordinary. It’s a brigade of coordinated gestures and glances, of rhythms precisely paced in a perfectly studied dance. The choreography is presented, alongside chef Cannavacciuolo, by historic sous chef Simone Corbo, a silent and passionate genius.

Where the show goes on

As we have said, excellence starts in the kitchen, but it doesn’t stop there. It continues in the dining room, where many spectators excitedly await the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey. At the helm is Restaurant Manager Massimo Raugi, storyteller and master at capturing attention and moments of wonder. And it goes on and on, amidst the 14 Suites which serve as the setting for pure wellness experiences, where hospitality and love for guests are unfailing keys. And if the story of Villa Crespi began because a man and a woman chose to put their souls into it, today we can say that we are celebrating 25 years because Cinzia Primatesta and Antonino Cannavacciuolo have surrounded themselves with equally passionate people. Because that’s the secret of such beauty: a united team that chooses every day to be guided by their heart.

And what would these 25 years be without an audience in love with the show? Thank you to those who have chosen us to experience emotions and crystallize indelible memories, because you have written this beautiful story with us.